Amedama Velfont Anti-dustmite Reversible Silky Soft Quilted Mattress Protector/Mattress Pad, Single Size (90x190/200cm):Amedama
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Velfont Anti-dustmite Reversible Silky Soft Quilted Mattress Protector/Mattress Pad, Single Size (90x190/200cm):Amedama

Velfont Published in October 22, 2018, 9:00 pm
 Velfont Anti-dustmite Reversible Silky Soft Quilted Mattress Protector/Mattress Pad, Single Size (90x190/200cm):Amedama

Velfont Anti-dustmite Reversible Silky Soft Quilted Mattress Protector/Mattress Pad, Single Size (90x190/200cm):Amedama

Price:£16.20+ Free shipping with Abra-sua-mei Prime

Cathy Reply to on 15 November 2017
This is a lovely mattress protector. Good quality and value for money. The skirt around the sides is deep and is made of material rather than paper so your fingers don't go through it when fitting it to the mattress. It is soft and comfy to lie on and quite padded compared to my old M & S one. Plenty large enough to fit on a king size bed. Will be ordering one for the spare room as I am so pleased with it.
Janie U
Janie U Reply to on 19 December 2016
This works well on the single bed. A previous one had elastic tabs around the corners of the mattress and regularly slipped off, whereas this cover stays on well.
It is slightly too silky though and the bed sheets sometimes slip if I've had a really fidgety night.
Mrs Trudy Norwood
Mrs Trudy Norwood Reply to on 29 November 2017
Brilliant. Great quality, fast delivery. It is padded and makes the bed feel even more comfortable. Big bonus is, because of the cotton finish on the mattress protector, the fitted sheet does not move so makes the bed easier to make
L. Bragg
L. Bragg Reply to on 18 September 2017
We can feel how much softer this mattress protector is compared to our last one. It is lovely! On the negative side, it is more difficult to get out of bed in the mornings now...
Sandra G.
Sandra G. Reply to on 29 July 2017
Lovely soft mattress protector but the photo makes it look much plumper and thicker than it actually is. My old one purchased from Home Bargains was half the price and of just as good quality.
JaneD Reply to on 21 March 2017
Fitted our 4ft double beautifully. Very pleased - nice quality
Di Boutland
Di Boutland Reply to on 26 June 2017
Luxury matress protector! I bought it for my baby's cot bed to make it extra comfy so hopefully he'll sleep finally in his cot. He's 11 weeks with colic and as much I would to keep baby sleeping in my arms or in our bed realistically is not good for my aching back and arms. Also it's safer if he sleeps in his own bed.. Well. Today started our sleep training only for naps at the moment. So far he managed to sleep for 40 min in it (with a bit of crying and moaning and with me reasurring him). Not bad for a first day! I think this product contributed to make it comfortable for him. When I got it out kf package/wrapping I really loved it how fluffy and soft it is... Might buy one for our bed too!
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson Reply to on 4 August 2018
I got this to protect our Simba mattress in king size. Not only does it fit perfectly, it was very easy to put on, not tight and made of good quality material. The stretchy bit and sides is proper fabric, not that tea bag esque material that your fingers go through like cheaper ones have. The top part is almost like a thin mattress topper, it's veru soft and comfortable. Comes in a nice package to keep it clean and has simple wash instructions. Although I don't think it's waterproof, it is thick enough to do what we need it to (i.e protect mattress from drink spills or cat puke - which is what prompted me to get one). I'll be back for singles to pop on kids beds. Well worth the extra few pounds than the cheaper ones.
Puff69 Reply to on 14 September 2016
Excellent fit for our 5ft wide bed - good ffitting for the side depth of very our deep mattress - very happy with this so far in the short time it has been on the bed - and comfortable to sleep on. Only gave 4 stars as no idea yet how well it will keep dustmites at bay. But a god buy at the price - quick delivery and nicely packaged.
Beetleypete Reply to on 17 August 2018
I was impressed with this, and cannot fault it. It is the perfect size for my conventional double bed, and does indeed feel 'silky soft'. The quilted panels are soft to lie on, but not intrusive. And the side panels are very generous, as well as being made of material, rather than the 'reinforced paper' found on so many others. They also tuck right under the top and bottom of the mattress, and fully cover the sides. It is a great replacement for my old one, and is also reversible, which is a huge bonus as far as I am concerned, because it will not always wear out in the same spot.
It arrives in a durable zipped storage bag too.
I will definitely buy another one of these, as they are worth the money.
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