Amedama Dictionary of French Building Terms Essential for Renovators, Builders and Home-Owners:Amedama
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Dictionary of French Building Terms Essential for Renovators, Builders and Home-Owners:Amedama

Richard Wiles
Richard Wiles Published in October 22, 2018, 8:23 pm
 Dictionary of French Building Terms Essential for Renovators, Builders and Home-Owners:Amedama

Dictionary of French Building Terms Essential for Renovators, Builders and Home-Owners:Amedama


damifu Reply to on 19 January 2014
while a dictionary like this is essential if you are contemplating carrying out renovations (or even owning) a property in France, I have found that the sub-sections make looking up a word quickly extremely maddening. Case in point -- "do you have a ladder?" (echelle) - this is, of course, a key piece of kit that touches all aspects of building works (as many do ...) finding the word organised within the book under one of the sub-sections makes it a much more time-consuming endeavour. It would be far more helpful to have all terms lumped into a single alpha-betical listing (both in the English to French or French to English) [(frankly I know that wires (fils) pertains largely to electrical works ... but so what?!) I may well need to know the term for 'wires' whilst engaging in the many many other tasks and trades involved in owning a property - decorations, garden terracing, plumbing a boiler, ...]

Otherwise - an essential piece of kit
Roy Abel
Roy Abel Reply to on 12 December 2015
The spec below was my first genuine attempt to instruct a french builder. The bracketed elements represent the definitions identified. So it is of use - -some use.
..but the sectional breakdown does not help to scan, and the only short cuts are from index to section.
It feels clunky, outdated and inadequately researched or imagined.

Replace (…..) rooflights (…..)
Replace(…?…) zinc (…?…)gulley (regard de branchement pour eaux pluvial) spanning (…?.) void (…?.)between No 27 & adjoining housewall(…?..)
Build (construire) up chimneyhead (…?.) at front, flash (etancheir?) & render (enduire). Make good (…?.) surrounding slate (ardoise) roof (toit).
Replace gutter (gouttiere) and downpipe (tuyeau de descente) to southern gable (pignon).
Client d'Amazon
Client d'Amazon Reply to on 7 May 2017
Les mots sont d'abord classés par chapitres, puis par ordre alphabétique à l'intérieur des différents chapitres.Donc si on ne sait pas dans quel chapitre est rangé le mot car on ne connait pas encore son sens, on ne le trouve pas.... Dommage pour un dictionnaire !
Mrs E Denby
Mrs E Denby Reply to on 10 November 2016
A must for anyone renovating their house in France where they need a little help on the language
E. Bastian
E. Bastian Reply to on 12 January 2010
My husband, who like many struggles to learn French, finds this book very useful. I also find it very helpful when preparing his quotations for work, even though I am now fluent in French. The French really do appreciate it when the British try to make themselves understood and this book helps my husband to buy his supplies more easily. Recommend it to those who are undertaking works on their home, as an inexpensive handbook of terms, which can be used alongside a normal dictionary.
Sharon Crawford16
Sharon Crawford16 Reply to on 3 November 2012
This is exactly what I need. My partner has a very rustic house in France which we visit about twice a year. There are plenty of jobs to do every time we go and we are trying to upgrade the place a little. His French is pretty basic but he gets by. I'm expected to do the talking on things I wouldn't be confident doing in English let alone French! I've had many a long and convoluted conversation about some obscure tool or building technique with me cringing.

I liked the way it was arranged in sections of related topics, even though I had read other reviews where they did not like how it was set out. The financial section was particularly useful for reading and understanding bills - formal french letter writing is another language in itself!

I will use this a lot.
Lizzy B
Lizzy B Reply to on 4 June 2018
Very handy book
Lynn Edwards
Lynn Edwards Reply to on 7 July 2018
What can I say! What a great book! Just what we needed after struggling for almost four years without help! So much so that we shared it with Franglais website and instantly had 100 hits asking where we bought it!
Dave B
Dave B Reply to on 10 December 2012
Got to say bit dissapointed with the content - would be better off putting the money towards a decent french dictionary..... was half expecting bit of assistance in ordering supplies or specialist building terms in french with english translation but was unfortunately a bit lame...... Save ur money
christine parker
christine parker Reply to on 22 September 2016
Brilliant little book I use all the time delivered on time and well packaged and great for the money
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